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Progressive Slots Strategies: The Standard Deviation

Online progressive slots games are highly profitable, but still games of chance. Which is to say: boosting your odds at winning is the only way to hit it big. Easier said than done, many claim, but in reality, there are many strategies that will enable you to do exactly that – and with ease. One of the best strategies of the kind – called the standard deviation strategy – is especially beneficial in that regard. Shortly put, it aims at coming up with a pattern, that will allow you to predict when the next jackpot will occur.

To conduct it, you’ll need three things only: patience, a pan, and paper. You’ll be counting spins and writing them down.

Online Progressive Slots Game

The first step would be to choose an equal-ratio online progressive slots game (where payoff ratio equals the investment). That is to say, if you’re to invest 50 cents, you will get a 5 times higher payoff than if you invest 10 cents. The reason why an equal-ratio online progressive slots game should be picked is easy to grasp: the more you invest, the higher the jackpot will be.

The second step would be playing ca. 10 online progressive slots games. Make use of free bonuses or invest the minimum amount. Remember that until you come up with a pattern, the sums don’t matter. Promptly write down the number of spins it takes to hit a jackpot. Repeat the process 10 times – for each online progressive slots game.

The third step: calculate the average number of spins (“the standard deviation”). Here’s how to do it: say that a jackpot occurs between 15th and 19th spin. This would mean that the standard deviation is 17. Once you’ve come up with a pattern, play another online progressive slots game. Bet the minimum amount up to the 16th spin, and the maximum – on the 17th.

Pretty straightforward, as you can see. Make sure to play 10 online progressive slots games in succession, otherwise the odds will change.

Best Online Progressive Slots sites

Finally, always play slot machines only at licensed gambling sites. For, not only will they guarantee your online safety, but payouts as well. At Online Progressive Slots you’ll find the finest selection of trusted, licensed sites. They offer more than generous bonuses and an endless streak of promotions. Sign up today to get access to all these benefits and use them wisely to boost your odds. Nothing if not responsible!

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Playing Online Progressive Slots

Slot machines of today, the most popular casino game, have between 3 to 9 reels and may feature many money lines. There are many varieties of slots, most popular of which are: classic, bonus, and progressive slots. The same goes for online slots games.

Online Progressive Slots are popular

Online slots are gaining popularity, as the fact that being able to play and earn from the comfort of one’s own home is a huge benefit. Some claim the feel of the reel is missing, but that drawback seems to be forgotten as soon as the game starts. Unlike with land-based casinos, on online ones there are the so-called slots tournaments, which are very popular and offer lucrative rewards.

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